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Video production for business

Experts in making cinematic and documentary style films that use storytelling to deliver your message!

Business Stories

Video production that is finely tuned for creating stories for business. This means that every camera movement, interview, colour and sound are all considered to create inspiring stories of your business and its products.

Your Message

Our expertise is centred around creating business narratives. There is nothing more important that your message! How you tell that message makes all the difference when your trying to keep your audience engaged with your story.

The Final Edit

The difference between footage and a film, is a strong edit. The edit is where the magic happens and its how your business narrative comes alive! All the pre-production, the planning, the filming and the sound all come together.

Royal Television Society 2017 Nominee

Royal Television Society 2017 Nominee

In November 2016 the BBC broadcast two of our films as “special reports”, covering a rarely talked about topic of infertility. The films were a collaboration with fellow filmmaker, Russell Sheath and we’re incredibly humbled by the nomination for “Best Strand within a News or Magazine Programme”. We’d like to thank the amazing people we filmed who gave humbling and deeply personal accounts of their stories.

The Southern Centre award nominees for 2017 are:

  • Fertility – BBC South
  • Inside Out – BBC South
  • Medical Films for The One Show – Topical TV

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Corporate PromosCorporate video production by Still River Films

Your business has a story! That's why business marketing films are an effective way to have a big impact. Our video production process is tailored to quickly get to the heart of your story and focus on what it is you are trying to say. If you're looking for an awesome corporate promo, then get in-touch for your free 10-minute consultation.

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Social Media Campaign VideosSocial Media Video Campaigns by Still River Films

Social Media campaign videos have become an important tool for many businesses. Our experience has shown that video content has had a tremendous impact for our clients. If you're considering a video marketing campaign, then get in-touch and we can talk you through it during your free 10-minute consultation with us.

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Training VideosTraining video production by Still River Films

We are specialists in creating training videos for our corporate clients and entrepreneurs. We place education at the top of the list and everything is geared towards facilitating the learning experience. If you are looking for a high quality training series, then call us and we'll talk your ideas through in your free 10-minute consultation.

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Premier video production service

Have a look at our films and you’ll notice they’re heavily based on good solid storytelling. This fundamental principle means that your story comes first, no matter whether it be a corporate promo, a training videos series, a trade show presentation or a business marketing film. Our promotional films have been a very popular option for our clients, because our storytelling is an extremely effective way of delivering a powerful message. We also understand that managing your brand online is an incredibly important part of today’s business environment! Therefore, we’d love to partner with you and help with all your video production needs. And then there’s our expert knowledge in creating training videos. This has paved the way for our clients to distribute high-quality education-based learning programs for their businesses. These types of video productions cover everything from recording lectures to presented instructional training videos. We’d love to work with you, give us a call and found out how we can help you.

Creating your story

If this is your first video production, we can assure you its not as daunting as it might seem. We guide through the process and given that we offer a free 10-minute consultation, you can make your own assessment if “video” is the right thing for you! Most of our clients find that the power of video exceeds their expectations. There’s no secret that video is an incredibly powerful medium of communication, whether it be for a simple story or a complex one. Some of our clients look to using video for education. So if you are looking for a series of training videos, we can help in the planning of it and ensure we have the right crew to film it. All our video productions focus on high quality, story relevant visual appeal with amazing sound quality.

Video production that tells your story!

What others say about us

We really care that our client’s are happy! Our aim is to go above and beyond on every video production. Every ounce of creativity goes into our films because every story matters! It is important to us that your film is engaging, has genuine emotion, is informative and is beautifully presented.

Healthcare service provider

“Gwyn’s background and attention to detail with regard to the messages being conveyed is critical to making content that is both engaging and impactful.”

We take great pride in our video productions and feel honoured that we also have the amazing support of the larger filmmaking community. This matters to us because we use every resource available to perfect the stories we tell.

We want your video production to be a success on every level

Business Marketing Films

Many of our clients have a good idea of how they want to use video in their marketing campaigns. But moving these concepts and ideas from paper to film requires a deep understanding of story and the language of film. We believe that this is what separates us from our competitors. Understanding “story” is a word to many, but to us, it has a profound meaning that changes everything! If you are unclear what you want from a marketing film, our experience enables us to create a number of useful ideas which may help you. If you already work with brand marketing company, we can work with them to realise a more strategic marketing message through film. It is worth noting that by 2021, video will account for 82 percent of
consumer internet traffic
. Video is going to play an increasingly important role as we look to the future. If you don’t already have a video marketing strategy in place, whether it be for your website and social media, we think you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage with your customers.

Royal Television Society 2017 Nominee

Many video production companies claim that they offer a high quality video production service, but we really do! In November 2016, the BBC broadcast two of our films as “special reports”. They covered the delicate topic of infertility – a problem that affects 1 in 7 couples in the UK. We think the films are a perfect example of delivering a powerful message within a 3-4 minute timeframe. The films were short-listed for the “Best Strand within a News or Magazine Programme” category.

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