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It’s tough for a small business to make the leap into video (or more specifically video marketing). Its true, I’ve seen this many times through my prospective clients. They debate with themselves about whether video is the right way for them. They question things like, who will even watch it? How would they distribute it? Will they see a return on investment?

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Thanks for passing by our blog. There are an array of different elements that go into making a great film. The quote by Aristotle probably says it best, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Our commitment resides in producing high quality productions to meet the demand of today’s media rich environments. Thus, our unique selling point which is deeply routed in our storytelling. We believe this is what separates us from other video production companies. Why is “story” so important you may ask? Its because getting any type of message across requires one to really know what they’re trying to say. How it is said isn’t always through words or dialogue. The language of film plays a huge role in how the film feels and sounds.

2017 Nominated for “Fertility” by the Royal Television Society for “Best Strand within a news or magazine programme”.


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