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If you are looking to document your family history or tell the stories that were passed down from generation to generation, then now is the time to do it, before it’s too late.

Capture it while there’s time

All of us lead busy lives and at times, life seems too busy to spend time documenting the special moments and life experiences of our loved ones. In particular, our heritage and the stories that get passed down through the generations. All too often I hear people say, “I wish I had written down the stories my parents told me”; or that “I thought I had time but never got round to it”. Invariably, the decision to record or write down these stories is often too late.

How we work with you

Documenting your family’s heritage can be a daunting task. However, depending on how you approach a project like this, it can be made a lot simpler with the right advice. We can advise on cataloguing your family photographs and any home video recordings you may have. Our newly developed techniques allows us to tell stories that are as complex as someone’s life. These techniques can be used to tell your family’s story. The combination of Hollywood storytelling techniques mixed with our own experiences to give you a masterpiece that your family can cherish for years to come.


Here are a few areas that you might start looking at to get your project under way. We have advice at every stage of your journey and if we can, we’d love to help you make the right choices!

Project Goals

Family History projects can get big very quickly. Decide early on what you'd like from the exercise! It may be a book, an audio story or a film.

Photo Album

Gather all your photos together and scan & date them. We can offer the best advice on scanning your photos & documents and how to catalogue them.


Ancestry websites are a wonderful resource for finding out more about your family history. The smallest details can make a huge difference to your family's story.


Any old family history documents you have will help significantly. These can contain details that allow you to search ancestry websites and build a more complete view of your history.


Once you have a good idea of the photos, documents and old video footage, its time to start to planning and verifying your timelines of your story. This is where we work together to create your keepsake for generations to come.


When the planning process is complete, we can help in producing a series of films, or audio books, a photo book, or even a paperback-style book.

Family History Packages

Every family history project ends up being a lot more work than was first thought. We can advise on how to go about fully documenting a loved one’s entire life, or just small but important part of it. We can create an audio-only version that is great for reliving memories on your iPod or in the car; or a film that you can share with the family and future generations in a truly captivating experience. All the recorded video and audio is captured using professional equipment.

  • Help with gathering the elements of your life story
  • Setup a series of interviews recording to camera
  • Edit the story and export an audio-only version of it
  • All the raw unedited media is handed over to you
  • Help with gathering the elements of your life story
  • Setup a series of interviews recording to camera
  • Setup a series of shoots for video footage
  • Edit the story and export the films as video files
  • All the raw unedited media is handed over to you

there is no time like the present to document your past to ensure memories for the future.

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