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Sarah’s Story

If you are looking to extend your brand, even as an individual, one option is to invest in a short film that can tell people who you are. Every film we make has a strong story element to it. In Sarah’s case, we really wanted to explore her passion for music and what it was about music that allowed her to form a deep connection to the art.

Sarah is an amazing violinist! We filmed the interview in her friend’s house when she was visiting the area. It was the first time we had met Sarah and we spent some time chatting over a cup of tea, before we setup the lighting and cameras for the interview. The interview is very informal and is more like a normal conversation between two people. This is how we like to do our interviews. We want you to appear natural and believable. You can see how relaxed Sarah is and hopefully you find yourself connecting with her passion for music.

After the interview was over, Sarah played some of the most amazing and beautiful violin music. This allowed us to get some extra footage to support her story. She played “The Ashokan Farewell” by Ungar, and as a backup, we also asked Sarah to play something she had written or something improvised. We were mindful that getting permission from the copyright holder (Ungar) might be a potential problem.

After checking the copyright of Ungar’s music score we decided it was easier to phone them directly. We spoke with the main person dealing with Ungar’s copyright at the Song Writers Guild in America. We soon discovered that getting a music license from Ungar was not straightforward. The questions were very detailed and it seemed that it would be unrealistically expensive to purchase a music license for a short film like this. We spoke with Sarah and agreed that her improvised music score was the one to go for.

How can video production help your brand?

We as a society are more connected to video media now than at any other time. The more that people can connect with you and get to know you, the more that they will remember you. If you are a freelancer, then making a good first impression is extremely important in today’s competitive environment. Although Sarah’s film was about her passion for music, your passion might be fixing motorbikes? Whatever your passion is, we can help you tell that story…

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