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Colours of Creativity

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Film Objective: Stuart Jones’s piano business is very a much a personalised experience. This film’s objective is to get to know Stuart personally and allow the viewer to connect with his journey. He is incredibly passionate about pianos and the goal was to engage people into his world.

Creativity and music is a life style!

Approaching Stuart’s story it quickly became apparent that buying a piano from him is a deeply personal experience. Its filled with music and incredibly uplifting conversation. The best way to represent Stuart and his business in film was to let people get to know him and experience some of that conversation.

The Stuart Jones story

This is a story where one man’s passion from childhood and his love for music & pianos set a course in life to bring joy to countless numbers of people. Stuart Jones’s music is truly beautiful and it touches the heart! His talents are extraordinary! He started a piano sales business after college and despite being told it couldn’t happen, it is now one of the UK’s largest suppliers of pianos. The business is one of only three appointed Steinway piano agents in the country. Stuart’s passion and knowledge of pianos is profoundly inspiring, his passion is full of opportunity and it just makes you want to learn the piano! In this film Stuart also reveals some of the challenges of running a business, along with the vital support he has had from his parents. This film is how one man followed his heart and finds the secret sauce of happiness and contentment.

The connection you get with the people that come here… and they go away in a bit of a dream.

The key messages of the story

Working on story that crosses the line between a business and personal journey requires a different way of looking at the key messages. Obviously, seeing the business and all the pianos for sale was essential. Another key service that the business offers is piano tuning, so we needed to have a way of threading this into the story. Stuart is also at the centre of how customers experience the business, so we wanted to show him taking phone calls and working in the office. In addition to the deeply personal aspects of Stuart’s business, he also has a goal of performing in a much wider arena in future. This meant showing Stuart in a performance role playing a Steinway grand piano in the luxurious location at Gregynog Hall. Stuart grew the business with his extraordinary technical understanding of pianos and this led him into a unique relationship Steinway. Thus, showing the newspaper article of this privileged relationship offered social proof that this is a big deal.

Behind The Scenes of the video production
  • Filming the action Filming the action
  • Gregynog Hall Gregynog Hall
  • Dynamic shots Dynamic shots

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