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Defining Commitment

Promotional Film Type: Brand Film

Film Objective: This film builds on the previous one which explored what it takes to win. This film continues the gym’s ethos by exploring what commitment looks like. The gym’s culture is one of community, support for each other and pushing yourself further everyday.

What commitment really looks like!

A good promotional film is one that builds a connection with your customers. This film highlights the dedication and the ingredients required to navigate the path to success. But what does this path look like? What does the mindset look like? Commitment is not a sacrifice, its about adapting to your goal as Gareth Burns says in the film.

A new kind of business storytelling approach

Looking at a promotional film like this requires a step back and to look at the core messages and experiences of actually achieving a goal. Its one thing to talk about goals, but for customers to really understand them, they need to see it in action. Seeing this action results in a desire to achieve the same for yourself. This is kind of mindset that the gym attracts.

Only 5% of the people have got what it takes to make it. Everybody wants to be that person, but to be it, takes a lot more than just wanting it!

Like the first film in this series, the following defines the plot that we worked with during the video production. Fundamentally, we needed to determine the type of universal conflict of the story we were telling. There are 6 Universal conflicts, we chose Man vs Self. We chose this because commitment is a journey of self. Nobody can do it for you! You are in control in navigating the direction you need to go. Every single customer (or member) of the gym is navigating their own journeys. That’s why its important to make a film like this that they can connect with.

We’re only here once, if you’ve got something you want to do, make a way to do it! There’s always a way!

A different way of looking at products and services

A typical promotional film may have looked at the gym gear, the workshops, the group activities, etc… which are all very useful things to know and advertise. But this is where brands find it difficult to navigate the line about what’s more suitable for written content (like websites, social media & brochures) and how to convert the core messages into a powerful engaging and meaningful story. Your story is your greatest asset! Its something unique to your business, it connects with human experiences and is wrapped up into a memorable and inspirational film. It is also true that the complex world we live in provides an infinite number of ways of looking at business content strategy. This is the goal of our Overlook business story telling process. It defines what’s important and it navigates and uncovers the most important messages to communicate.

Scenes from the promotional film

Behind The Scenes of the video production
The interview setup
  • Filming on set Filming on set
  • Getting the shot! Getting the shot!

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