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Still River Films is fortunate to be working with a leading company that specialise in telemedicine within the NHS. The services offered by v-connect have a far-reaching impact for patients, healthcare professionals and for everyone else in between. They provide secure video communication services that are designed to improve the quality of healthcare. This case study highlights how short films can deliver powerful messages with impact, emotion and story.

The strategy of telling a great story
Healthcare like many other industries has many different threads of interest from many different parties, all working together like an orchestra with the overall goal of caring for people who need it. When you are present amongst healthcare professionals it quickly becomes clear how deeply they care for their patients. Any story in this environment needs to capture their view of the valuable work that they do. The patients whom they care for are incredible. They often live with chronic vulnerability, yet their strength is profound. There is no other way of capturing these moments without storytelling being at the heart of it. Many of the films that we produce are not made public, however, we often hear feedback of how people are affected emotionally. This is the power of “story”. To most the word “story” is unremarkable, but to a storyteller, the word “story” affects every aspect of the video production.

Our strong focus on storytelling means that every video production is planned to the point that we have a clear idea of the messages that need to be captured. We work with v-connect during the shoot day and this makes the production a working collaboration. On occasion the shoot requires a crew to capture as much as we can. And depending on the story, we sometimes travel and interview the patient’s in their homes.

Where possible, we treat locations as if they were characters within the story. It reveals a lot more than one might think. Seeing a patient in their own home has an emotional value that places the viewer right into their living room. Hearing a patient talk about their illness has a significant value that is not to be underestimated. Their words have a profound impact on how the viewer reacts to them. A renal patient who requires regular dialysis is an aspect of life that thankfully most of us never have to deal with. Seeing an extraordinary patient at home with a dialysis machine in the background of their living room has a deep emotional connection. The story pulls the viewer into the patient’s world of normality. This is why ‘story’ is so important in communicating these types of messages.

Renal Patient
Sometimes a video production doesn’t allow for travelling to the many possible story relevant locations. We embrace these situations too and make the most of what we have. We once had to interview healthcare professionals in the back supply room of a leisure centre. Even under these seemingly impossible conditions, we found a space and used a lighting strategy to make the interview appear as if it was conducted in a hospital. That is a small example of how we use storytelling in solving potential issues whilst out on-location.
Editing is also a huge part of the storytelling process. It’s where the real story comes together. There are far too many details of the technical aspects of processing the video footage to cover here, but suffice to say that colour correction, colour grading, sound quality are elements that are all extremely important. All our editing choices are made with ‘story’ in mind.
Healthcare Professional
Supply Room

A few words from v-connect

"We have been working with Still River Films for several years. When trying to convey the complex world of care it is necessary to incorporate many stakeholder points of view. In order to be engaging this has to be through story. Gwyn’s background and attention to detail with regard to the messages being conveyed is critical to making content that is both engaging and impactful."

Adam Hoare, Managing Director Red Embedded Systems Ltd. provider of the v-connect service.

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