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Simon’s Story

We believe in telling stories rather than describing a checklist of products or services. We feel that a website is great for those kinds of details; but getting your audience to feel connected with who you are, is a much more difficult challenge. We feel that telling a story allows us to reach into people’s hearts and get them to love you. We had the pleasure to meet Simon who is an incredible engineer!

It’s rare to see someone who has such depth of skill in so many different engineering disciplines. Simon designs his own electronic circuits, writes the software for them, and uses advanced industrial design techniques to make his products look beautiful and highly functional.

To have someone who has a proven track record in so many disciplines means he can make a design that would normally be accomplished by a team of skilled engineers. Achieving this level of engineering is only possible if you truly love what you do. That became the basis of this story. We arranged to interview Simon in his workshop because that’s where all the magic happens. After the interview was over, we filmed some of the work that Simon was working on that day. It encompasses many of the specialist skills that Simon can do and we feel that within two minutes, you’ll get to meet him yourself. Watch the film. I’m sure you’ll agree with many of his perspectives and if you have children, you may even take up some of Simon’s advice!

How can video production help your brand?

The more that people can connect with you, the more that they will remember you and hopefully put work your way. Making a good first impression is extremely important in today’s competitive environment. Although Simon’s film was about his love for engineering, We’d love to tell a story about your passions…

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