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We believe in telling stories rather than describing a checklist of products or services. It can be argued that those kinds of details are best suited to a company’s website. But a well-told story can communicate far more than you might think. It can communicate your unique selling points in an informative and engaging way, but most importantly, it can communicate understanding. The later is a significant aspect to consider. Here’s why…

Why storytelling is important

It has been said many times that our minds are geared for story. In fact, there have been books written about it! Stories have been communicated from generation to generation since the dawn of man. There’s no escaping it, we absorb a considerable amount of information through story. And this makes storytelling a fundamental element of how we function.

The biggest difference between a film that is based on storytelling techniques and one that is not – is that you’re more likely to remember the one that tells a story. Storytelling a complex art form, it’s a combination of how the camera moves, the sound, the composition, the music score, the lighting and every single camera setting. It’s true that video production is a very hard thing to do well. It therefore should come as no surprise that many other video production companies struggle with “Story”. Storytelling is at the heart of every single video production we do.

Simon’s engineering story

Simon is an incredible engineer. It’s rare to see someone who has such considerable skill with a countless number of engineering disciplines. Simon designs his own electronic circuits, writes the software for them, and uses advanced industrial design techniques to make his products highly functional while also looking beautiful.

To have someone who has a proven track record in so many disciplines means he can make and design a product, which would normally be accomplished by a team of skilled engineers. Achieving this level of engineering is only possible if you truly love what you do. That became the basis of his story. We arranged to interview Simon in his workshop because that’s where all the magic happens. After the interview was over, we filmed some of the work that Simon was working on that day. It encompasses many of the specialist skills that Simon can do and we feel that within two minutes, you’ll get to meet him yourself. The one big takeaway is his passion for engineering. If you had engineering work you wanted to get done, hopefully, you’d want Simon to do it! That’s what happens when you communicate understanding with the use of storytelling. Watch the film. I’m sure you’ll agree with many of his perspectives and if you have children, you may even take up some of Simon’s advice!

Our approach to promotional films

One of our gaols in producing promotional films is to communicate the human side of the products and services. People ultimately buy from people; and people connect with people. One of benefits of a well-told story is that you can communicate understanding in a very short time frame. That doesn’t equate to communicating lots of detail. That’s why promotional videos which list products and services in a checklist like manner fail. In fact the opposite happens, in these situations we find ourselves turning off from them altogether! And most of the time, we don’t watch the whole film through to completion.

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