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Russell’s Marriage Proposal

Every man in love has his own way of proposing to the love of his life. Russell wanted to make his way different and deeply personal. He made his move over what was to be just a weekend getaway on their 2-year anniversary. This is how we went about filming his marriage proposal.

Choosing a short film is a unique way of declaring a deep and personal message of love. It will last forever, just like the very best qualities of love. It will never be forgotten and will remain a timepiece of the union for generations to come. Children and grandchildren will be able to bear witness to a moment that changed their lives, even before they were born.

A short film has the power to capture the very essence of who you are as a person. Russell is closely associated with Still River Films and being a filmmaker himself, he thought that proposing via a short film just seemed like the right way to go. After brainstorming a few ideas, Russell finally settled on giving a beautiful account of their courtship leading up to their 2-year anniversary.

Like every other couple in love, Russell and Isobel captured most of all that is special in their relations on their mobile phones. This is was a great way to revisit many of those memorable moments. And given that the film is about a timeline of their lives, hanging pictures on a thin rope between two trees was the perfect representation for this. Russell and Isobel do a lot outdoors and this was even more appropriate for Russell’s proposal film. The photographs were printed with a traditional white border to give a Polaroid feel to them. Perfect for representing a snapshot in time. All these small details matter and Russell worked on the design and the overall look himself. He even helped out on filming some of the footage which all make a contribution in creating something special.

You don’t have to be a professional talker on camera to create an emotional film. Many people don’t think that they are capable in making a personal message like this. In fact, this is probably true for virtually every film we make. Yet you get to see Russell make an emotion filled message of love & commitment to the girl of his dreams. A discussion on camera with us is very much like a normal conversation. After a minute or so, you forget that you are being filmed and you’re back to your normal self. It’s not a performance.

Storytelling at its best has the power to be different, the power to move one’s emotions and the power to find the right words. If you think a short film is the right way for you, get in touch!

Want to see Isobel’s reaction?

Russell recorded his marriage proposal on their 2-year anniversary weekend getaway. You can see her reaction in the following video:

Behind the scenes on-location

Here are a couple of photos of us setting up the location in a public park. The photos were photographed by Russell and our fun filled morning while filming his marriage proposal.

Setting up the interview location
Gwyn Cole setting up the camera

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