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Over the last few years there’s been a huge push to deliver training video content online. In many ways, its seen as the preferred mechanism to accommodate self-paced education. Some of our clients create training material for sale online, while others look inward and use it internally within the organisation. We can help you create a beautifully presented training video with our experienced team who know what they’re doing. Look at our portfolio and we think you’ll be impressed in our high standard of training content.

Training videos

Creating your own training video series may seem quite daunting. However, we have produced many high quality training video productions for our clients. Our skilled film crew capture the moment with multiple cameras. We know how training videos should be edited and this knowledge influences our strategy during recording. Sound quality on all our video productions is hugely important and our training videos benefit from this. We want the final edit of the videos to feel natural in order to enhance that digital classroom experience. Lighting and sound amongst other things all play a big part in creating content that is designed to educate. We want your viewers to remain focused on your content, without having distractions which pull them out of the learning experience.

On-location filming

We’ve recorded lectures on-site and we’ve been out on the street in city locations. Whether the training videos are filmed indoors or out, we adapt easily with our crew. Most of the time, all indoor locations are lit with professional lighting gear. This is all-important aspect to our video productions allows us to strive for the highest standard of quality. Increasing the production value will also help your brand stand out. We assess all indoor locations and plan for the best experience on the shoot day (when possible). The way we edit our training videos does influence how we capture the moment on-location. There’s only one time to capture it and that’s where our experience really comes in.

Starting your training video series

Producing your training videos starts with your enquiry. We discuss your ideas and write up a proposal of how we would go about filming it, along with any suggestions that can make your video production better. Training is about educating your viewer and that’s where our value really shines. Gwyn Cole (the director at Still River Films) has successfully published a book with the worlds leading technical publisher, Addison-Wesley. His unique experience in creating education-based content comes in real handy when translating your content into a video format. It spans far and wide from planning, filming, sound, visual appeal, lighting, editing and the final package. We’d love to be part of your video production so please do get in touch.


Most training video productions usually contain multiple videos and when sequenced together, form a larger set of files. How you plan to deliver your training videos may vary from project to project. The video files may be distributed on an organizational computer network or they may be sequenced to form one large video file. We work with you to find the best way of delivering the video files that fit in with the way you work.

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training videos that are designed to educate rather than designed to document.

Some examples of our training video work

Knowledge sharing

World famous photographer Damien Lovegrove shares his knowledge through his Illumination series:

Professionally produced film

Another Damien Lovegrove training video out on the streets of Bristol in his Illumination 2 series:

The digital classroom

A corporate training series for distributing knowledge to employees throughout the organisation:

Control Techniques Digital Classroom

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