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Our video editing services

Do you have a bunch of video files with no easy way to get them professionally edited? That’s where we can help! We can take a look at what video footage you have and assess its suitability for the editing project. We’ll discuss your vision and advise what’s possible with your existing content. Many of our clients find that they can capture the video themselves (either under professional guidance or through some other contracted video professional), but discover that editing it professionally is an entirely different ball game. We produce and edit a variety of different types of video productions, so we’re confident that we can realise your vision with the footage you already have.

How does our video editing services work?

The first step is to contact us and tell us about your video project. We’ll look at your video footage and get back to you with a proposal of how we can go about editing it. Its as easy as that!

Many of our clients want graphics added to their videos, whether it be text, logos or other basic animations. Some animations can take more time to complete and thus these types of services can incur a higher charge, as all our work is charged by the hour.

Every video is edited to the finest detail

We always pay great attention to detail. Our service includes colour correction and we also craft a visual look (if required) to bring the most out of the footage. There may be problems with the footage like computer screens or TVs that have flickering issues – amongst other unwanted visual artefacts. We’ll do our best to eliminate those too! We also pay great attention to audio post-production because sound quality is so important. If we feel that dialogue can be made clearer (for example), we’ll do it. If music is required, we make a proposal on what we think works best and once we’re in agreement, we’ll purchase a music license for you. Every detail is considered and we’ll do what we can to make the best with the video footage you already have.

  • Fast professional service
  • Add text, logos and animations
  • Colour correction
  • Colour grading
  • Enhanced dialogue
  • Licensed music
  • Sound effects
  • Repair where possible
  • Delivery online via Dropbox
  • Bespoke compression setting
  • Optimised for YouTube
  • Other delivery options considered
Your video is delivered as you want it

We can deliver your video in any way that suits you. All our videos are optimised with a bespoke compression setting that fits your intended use of the video files. Most of our clients want to post their videos on services like YouTube. No problem, we’ll give you a file that will convert well for those types of video sharing services. If you need a video that can transmit over low Internet bandwidth connections, no problem we can do whatever you need! We mostly use Dropbox to deliver the final edits, but from time to time, we mail memory cards if the volume of footage is too great. Either way, we can fit in with your workflow with whatever works for you.

Some examples of our video editing work

Home video footage

A short story made from home video footage with other newly captured video to make an engaging narrative:

Professionally produced film

One of our professionally produced films that highlights the show cases the quality of our video editing:

Creating the right mood

This film highlights our attention to colour grading and pace of the film to suit the story:

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