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Building your content strategy together!

Each video in a campaign tells a specific part of the story. Your business’s products or services are more than just one thing. They embody a collection of important messages and the Overlook business storytelling process uncovers the most highly valued messages in a structured and methodical approach.
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Communicating with video content is unfamiliar for many because simply translating written content to video doesn’t work.

Overlook provides a means to ask the right questions, understand your customers, so that we can create the right content strategy. It looks at your objectives for your campaign so we can produce customer-focused content.

Overlook Storytelling Process
Overlook Process

Welcome to Overlook our unique storytelling process designed specifically for business video production.

Your Customers

We want to show your customers that you have a plan to guide them with your products & services.

Content Strategy

Your content strategy should build on the problems that your customers need to hear about.

Challenging landscape of communication

Company brochures have been superseded by website content, social media and video content.

The Perspective

Beyond written content

Business communication has gone beyond written content. People now consume more video content that ever before! Written content is great for detail, its not great for communicating understanding quickly.

Incoherent messaging

Messaging across different online platforms, brochures and other communication mechanisms may have become incoherent. Having clear themes and keywords that underpin the “company story” restores coherence.

Multichannel communication

A lack of high quality multichannel communication for the brand can give the wrong impression. This is the challenge to consistently deliver content that engages and represents the brand well.

The Challenges

Diluted messaging

Organisational messages may have became diluted. This can easily happen, but with a solid content strategy, you can align this messaging and having it driven by video content.

Resonating with customers

You may find that your key messages are not resonating with customers. This is one of the cornerstones of the Overlook process to identify and deliver content that is relevant to your customers.

Substandard video content

Businesses and organisations find it hard to deliver visually powerful and engaging stories. We've all seen video-based content that fails to excite and is almost immediately forgettable.

Attracting your customers

You Need Content!

Where do your customers live online? You need content that connects with them in places where they live.

Social media, LinkedIn, your website, YouTube and other places online.

Skilled film crew

Multi-camera recording

Professional sound quality

Content strategy development

Professional lighting

Videos your customers will love!

Professional video editing

On-location filming

Helping your brand stand out

Video file delivery formats

How do you work with us?

We believe strongly in collaborating with you! Its through really understanding you, your brand and your customers, that we can create the right content strategy for your business.

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We work with you using our Overlook business storytelling process and we create a detailed proposal. Once you approve it, we set a schedule for filming.


We come in and film the elements required for your video production. This is usually interviews and supporting story-relevant footage for your story.


We edit the video footage creating outstanding video content. We send you a first edit for your approval and make changes as required.


Once approved, the music licenses are purchased and the final videos are created for delivery (usually via Dropbox).

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