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Crafting Your Message Workshop

Do you know what you’re trying to say as a brand, as a business? What are the key elements that keep you on track with delivering your message in a consistent way? In today’s world, there are so many channels of communication. You have brochures, email newsletters, social media, websites, advertisements and any number of other ways to deliver your message. Your message can easily be diluted across so many messaging channels. You may be a small or medium sized business and you’re having to do the marketing yourself? The outputs of this 1-to-1 workshop will help you with your marketing message and how to keep it coherent across all your communication.

The Workshop

Positioning a company in a market is now a complex and multi-layered challenge. With many channels to communicate with potential customers there is potential for messages to become fragmented and diluted. The “Crafting your Message” workshop starts by reviewing your position in the market and linking this back to your strategy and plans for sustainability and growth. Whether you are promoting a product or service the approach develops your key themes about what you would want your potential customer to know about you and your company. The afternoon then goes on to explore these themes and build an approach that provides coherence and consistency across your communication plans. By bringing solid business analysis techniques together with storytelling approaches utilised in documentaries and film the day provides a unique insight into your communication planning.

The Approach

The approach used in “Crafting your Message” is not industry specific and can provide broad and deep support for a wide range of sectors. The investment of one days work into the approach can help short cut some of the challenges and provides real value for money in accelerating your understanding.

Combining business analysis with storytelling

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